Role of Social Media in Lok Sabha General election 2019

Lok Sabha Election is coming nearby and all the political parties are busy preparing their strategy for the upcoming elections in the India. Recently BJP lost in the all 5 states in the assembly elections so it is important for the party to redefine its strategy and come with new ideas to promote their party. In this promotion social media plays big role in the win of any party. Currently every party is investing in their IT cell which promote and defend their respective party on the social media. Millions of people use facebook, twitter and whatsapp and users are growing day by day.

lok sabha election role of socia media

India has near 90 crore voters, and an expected 50 crore approach the Internet. The nation has 30 crore Facebook clients and 20 crore on WhatsApp  — more than some other majority rules system. Crores use Twitter.
The potential for maltreatment is likewise tremendous, with fake news and recordings fit for fanning savagery. Counterfeit news and messages coursed via web-based networking media have prompted in excess of 30 passings since 2017, information entrance India Spend says, for the most part bits of gossip about kid capturing posses. Political contrasts have in the past been no less lethal.

Both the primary parties blame each other for spreading counterfeit news while denying they do as such themselves.

In any case, the fight lines between them are plainly drawn. The Congress has assaulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's monetary arrangements and his gathering's Hindu patriot philosophy, while the BJP expels the Congress as clumsy dissidents distant from the general population.
importance of social media in lok sabha election

In December, the Congress won races in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, three noteworthy States that have been the bastion of the BJP, setting the phase for a tight challenge in 2019. Helping the Opposition party was a patched up internet based life methodology.

Role of Whatsapp in Lok Sabha Election 2019

While Twitter and Facebook were grasped by Indian parties — basically in the BJP — in 2014, it's WhatsApp that has now turned into the web based life device of decision.

In Jaipur city and the close-by provincial town of Tonk, where conventional strategies like open addresses and notice crusades were generally utilized amid the Assembly decisions, Congress and BJP laborers demonstrated a Reuters columnist many WhatsApp bunches they were a piece of and utilized for battling.

Congress said its volunteers oversaw 90,000 WhatsApp bunches in Rajasthan, while the BJP said it controlled 15,000 WhatsApp bunches straightforwardly, with its laborers crusading through generally another 100,000 gatherings.

In any case, WhatsApp has been at the focal point of debate. After the false tyke capture messages were spread on the stage in India, it was overflowed with lies and paranoid ideas in front of the October race in Brazil. WhatsApp's conclusion to-end encryption enables gatherings of several clients to trade writings, photographs and video past the domain of experts, autonomous truth checkers or even the stage itself. "WhatsApp is the greatest test for us right now on the web based life front," said Nitin Deep Blaggan, a senior cop responsible for checking on the web content in Jaipur.

WhatsApp has restricted the quantity of messages a client can forward in one go to 20 however in India explicitly the roof was settled at five. The organization blocked "many thousands" of records in Brazil amid the race time frame, and the equivalent was normal in front of the Indian decisions, a source mindful of the organization's reasoning said in December.

It is undebatable that social media plays big role in the lok sabha election 2019 all parties are focussing on their promotion on the social networking sites and spreading the fake news of unseen development it would be interesting to watch which party does its job at best. Congress has to play its role of good opposition which it has failed in last 4 years and BJP has to show its achievements instead of spreading fake news and polarising the voters.


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