Tough road for BJP ahead of Lok Sabha 2019 polls

Day by day popularity of BJP is declining and latest proof of this is the result of the assembly elections conducted in the five states. Some of the decision taken by the BJP government turned against them like demonetization, GST and increased lynchings in the country. BJP has to resolve these problems arising in the country before asking for vote in Lok Sabha 2019 polls.
Bjp lok sabha 2019 elections

BJP has a very active IT cell which create awareness about the work done by BJP and defend them for the bad decisions taken by the govt. but this is not enoungh in a democratic country people are getting aware and one day they will understand the tricks which BJP govt. is playing.

Recently Yogendra Yadav a psephologist turned politician said that the BJP's popularity diminishing, it will lose at least 100 Lok Sabha seats in 2019 elections.
The space for non-BJP formations has increased but the other political parties were not able to use the opportunity, he said.

Yadav referred the Congress an "inept party", citing its show in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan assembly polls and aforesaid it absolutely was not able to grab a chance that came into its platter.

Drawing a comparison between the Congress and BJP, Yadav said, "Congress has not woken up from its slumber.It is sleeping, it's self-satisfied.
lok sabha elections 2019

If they're thinking that this is often however they're aiming to win 2019 election, then they're living in a very fool's paradise. BJP isn't self-satisfied. BJP is damaging of this country however it's active.That is the distinction.

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections BJP won 282 seats out of the 543 seats and BJP led NDA won 336 seats. Around 31% voters voted for BJP in 2014 elections and since then this percentage is falling down. If BJP will not introspect the mistakes done by their government and listen to the farmers and common people it is going to a tough road ahead of Lok Sabha 2019 polls.


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