BJP vs Congress: Who will win Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 is coming near and two major parties of India, Congress and Bhartiya Janta party started politics of blaming each other. In Rahul Gandhi speech we can hear about the Rafale scam and Farmer issues and on the other hand in PM Narendra Modi speeches we hear about the scams done by the congress party in last 60 years. But who will win these elections will be decided by the Indian voters. In this article we are going to discuss about the schemes and failures of BJP Govt. and what congress has done as an opposition in the last 5 years.
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019

List of some big Failures of BJP Government

1. Demonetization

This would be at the highest priority on any rundown for its sheer absence of achievement and the boundless destruction that it caused on the economy. While being trained now as a wake up call in business colleges abroad, it appreciates the novel qualification of having bombed on all of its expressed destinations (combating fear financing, counterfeit notes and dark cash) while having cleared out employments. Concentrates by noted financial specialist Arun Kumar and the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy keep on showing that we are not out of the forested areas yet.
It flopped, yet more awful is the BJP's failure to acknowledge that it fizzled. All publicity of it cutting fear financing, decreasing dark money, disposing of defilement is simply ridiculous. It likewise slaughtered organizations.

2. GST Implementation

The GST was executed in a rush and hurt business. Entangled structure, numerous rates on various things, complex documenting… Hopefully it'll balance out with time, however it caused hurt. The BJP's inability to recognize as much is amazingly egotistical.

3. Employment

At the point when the administration needs to amend the technique for ascertaining GDP to influence its numbers to show up falsely higher, when capital trip on a phenomenal scale happens, when organizations swing to outer moneylenders to back tasks, you realize the legislature has neglected to make employments. Employment rate is at its lowest after many years due to some bad decisions taken by the modi government like Demonetization and GST.

4. Farmer issues

In the past five years farmers from all over the country tried to present their problems in front of their Govt. but every time they are ignored by the BJP Govt. which resulted in the indebtness of farmers and high suicide rates among the farmers in rural areas. Demonetization also hit the farmers badly. Now when the Lok Sabha Elections are near BJP Govt. launched new scheme to give farmers amount of Rs 6000 yearly. But In my personal opinion this move cannot help farmers their issues needed to be heard and it is high time to revise the MSP of crops according to the Swaminathan report.

5. Misuse of Govt. Institutions

The parliament is a bother to this administration which wants to administer by fiat and mandates. The PM once in a while goes to parliament, and when he does it is more to give discretionary talks than to spread out an authoritative plan or answer addresses raised on the floor of the House. The guaranteed Lokpal is so shrewdly overlooked that an angry Supreme Court needs to coordinate activity. A nervy boss pastor immediately after accepting office pulls back every single criminal body of evidence against himself and nobody squints. Appointive straightforwardness is guaranteed while acquiring unaccounted financing through backward and misty constituent bonds. The CBI is in the throes of a fight for validity. The rundown goes on.
They are being misused for political purposes the extent that I can see, yet regardless of whether they aren't, the dread that these establishments will be released on individuals on the off chance that they talk facing anything Modi/Shah-related is genuine. This is sufficient to murder contradict, a vital part of majority rules system.
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019

List of some good work done by BJP Government

1. Road development is quicker than it was before. There has been an adjustment in system of checking street length, however it appears to be quicker regardless of whether you calculate that.

2. Power associations increased — All towns charged and individuals getting power for more hours. (Congress electrified more than five lakh towns and Modiji completed the activity by associating the last 18k along these lines, you can gauge the accomplishment as you like. Thus, the quantity of hours individuals get power has expanded as far back as Independence, yet it may be a bigger increment amid BJP).

3. Upper dimension Corruption is reduced — No colossal cases at the pastoral dimension starting at now (however the equivalent was valid for UPA I). Lower level is by all accounts about the equivalent… nobody is by all accounts ready to control the thanedar, patwari et al.

4. The Swachh Bharat Mission is an unequivocal success  — More toilets worked than previously and swachhta is something implanted in individuals' brains now.

5. UJJWALA Yojana is an extraordinary activity. What number of individuals purchase the second chamber stays to be seen. The first and a stove were free, however at this point individuals need to pay for it. The expense of barrels has nearly multiplied since the legislature dominated and now one costs more than Rs 800

6. Network for the upper east has without a doubt expanded. More trains, streets, flights and, in particular  —  the district is currently examined on the standard news channels.
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019

How congress fared as opposition in last five years?

In past five years the ruling government has made blunders in terms of economy and farmer crisis and yet the congress party failed to capture the mood of nation and segregating the people against the government. Congress president Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Rafale Scam, Job crisis, Farmer crisis many times but all the allegations by the congress party are ignored by the ruling government.


As the Lok Sabha General elections are near both the parties will try to win the election by hook or by crook. IT cell of both parties are ready to promote their propaganda. But I request the electorate to use their mind and discuss over the issue and decide which party to vote in the LOK Sabha elections 2019. This election is going to be a very tight fight for both parties as the opposition is being united by the congress to defeat BJP govt. and the BJP govt. and PM Narendra Modi is referring them as Mahamilavat. 

What do you think who will win in this contest of BJP vs Congress tell us in the comments with your explanations.


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